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"For a band so underground it's below hell, we are quite honoured for this IMA Nomination and are grateful for any further support . Many blessings and gratitude for any of your Votes"    Mr. Pinki- The Dolomites

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" A Band so Underground, it's below Hell" - Mr. Pinki


Originally founded in Portland, Oregon and currently based in parts of North America and Japan, the DOLOMITES sound is a Tribal Transnational Mash of songs that fuses together the musical and folkloric traditions and genres of Japanese, Rumanian, Balkan, Cumbia, Gypsy, Dub, Punk, Alternative, Electronic, Roots, Bass and Sub-natural mystic rhythms. Instrumentation varies from show to show, but is usually : Accordion, Vocals,Tuba, Drums, Percussion, and at times has a variety of electronic elements, violin, koto and other beautiful instruments. Lyrics are in Japanese, English, and ancient tribal scatting.
The Dolomites currently have a rotating roster of about 68 musicians depending on each different city and country the Dolomites perform. Stevhen Koji Baianu plays accordion, vocals, violin, bass, drums, percussion, koto, etc. and is the founder, producer, and director of the current Dolomites. 

2015 marks the release of the Japan Years (3 Volume Trilogy EP of songs recorded mainly in Japan with the Dolomites). The Dolomites currently have started work on a Folkloric Monster Documentary (Pilot Episode-Maya) and will embark on a partial WORLD TOUR in 2015 of : Mexico, USA, and Japan.  

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Japan Years Trilogy


Japan Years Trilogy : Click on Image to get Pre-Released Tracks


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Accordions Around the World

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Bryant Park, 6th ave & 40th St, New York

22-Jul Eva Salina Balkan

Albert Behar Gypsy Jazz + Waltz Musette

Phillip Racz World

Peter Flint American Jazz + Classical

Julian Hintz American Rock

Mario Tacca French Musette + Waltz

Niall O'Leary Irish

Livia Mattos Brazilian

Gregorio Uribe Colombian Cumbia + Vallenato

The Dolomites Japanese + Romanian

A cross-cultural musical journey with 10 accordions, harmoniums, concertinas, bandoneons, and more each week. July 1 – August 26 Wednesdays | 6:00 – 8:00pm



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