Special unreleased Instrumental Dolomites compositions can be heard here for Free: 

The Dolomites' Japan Years I in the 14th annual Independent Music Awards:
for Album Art/ Design



Originally founded in Portland, Oregon and currently based in parts of North America and Japan, The Dolomites are a Tribal Mestizo Folk collective that fuses together the traditions of Japanese, Rumanian, Balkan, Cumbia, Tzigani, Dub, Punk, Alternative, Electronic, Roots, Bass and Sub-natural mystic genres. Instrumentation varies from show to show and is primarily : Accordion, Vocals,Tuba, Drums, Percussion, occasionally a variety of Electronic Elements with DJ collaborations, Violin, Koto and other Melodic Instruments. Lyrics are in Japanese, English, Spanish, and tribal scatting. The Dolomites currently have a rotating roster of about 70 musicians depending on the city and country the Dolomites perform. Stevhen Koji Baianu plays accordion, vocals, violin, bass, drums, percussion, koto, etc. and is the founder, producer, and director of the current Dolomites

The Dolomites are also currently working diligently on a project that we cannot reveal details about until project is closer to being launched.
2015 marked the release of the Japan Years (3 Volume Trilogy EP of songs recorded mainly in Japan with the Dolomites).

Alien Arts Alliance will release the Dolomites - "Soundtrack Years" in 2018. Compositions and productions of Stevhen Koji Baianu for TV/Film/Game music. 

Sneak Preview here: https://www.choon.co/artists/dolomites/albums

A Japan Tour in 2018 and other possible countries to be announced...  

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Dolomites Japan Tour Dates 2014 w/ Natsumi Suzuki 


(+++plus Tribal Fusion Dance Workshops by Natsumi Suzuki)
【 東京・新宿 】
◎4月18日(金)~21日(月)Natsumi Suzuki WS
◎4月19日(土)ー @ 新宿村 the Dolomites and Natsumi Suzuki Live
-- 主催 Fig --

4月24日(木)~5月1日(木)ドロマイツ バンドツアーw/Natsumi Suzuki
【 愛知・石川・新潟・金沢・仙台・盛岡・東京(下北沢)】
-- 主催 JAPONICUS --

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1st Generation DOLOMITES St.Patrick's Day re-Union Show in PDX! 

This show will feature 3 of the original 1st Generation The Dolomites 泥魔威告-ドロマイツ members from Portland Oregon playing a set special set of drinking songs. 

Max Skewes- Banjo, Guitar, Vocals
Chris Slowik - Drums
Stevhen Koji Iancu- Accordion, Vocals

and Jake Pegg - Tuba

Monday, March 17, 2014 
All Ages (except Winery)

Loading Dock Stage
The Desert Kind at 8pm
The Dolomites at 9pm

for other music and news go to :


for more info on the show please visit :


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Alien Arts Alliance to release Dolomites 7" Record... 

Alien Arts Alliance will be releasing a single of "the Ghost Ship" from the forthcoming Dolomites Soundtrack to 妖怪ーYokai. The release is currently scheduled for March 26 and will feature a Kung-Fu remix by Yas Inoue as a b-side which will only be available on the 7" and not on the world wide web. 1st pressing copies will be limited to 300. More details and info to come soon! 

also see https://www.facebook.com/alienartsalliance

Next Stop OAXACA! 

Oaxaca see you again soon! Also - Charity show on Domingo 15 de Diciembre para la fiesta de la ciudad de Oaxaca

QUeEN of the GAME RE-MIX EP Out today! DEC 10 2012 

Get a taste of these well done remixes by

Dot. AY. aka Alex Yabsley – Fitzroy, Victoria – Australia
Andy Kisaragi – Bristol , UK
Copia Doble Systema – Copenhagen, Denmark
DJ Delay – Berlin , Germany
Noms – Boston, USA
FlecK- Athens, Greece
Cy Kosis aka Jamaal Taylor – Los Angeles, CA – USA
Joro Boro – Queens, NY – USA

Taking in Chip Bass, Dubstep, Trap, Cumbia and Balkan amongst other stuff, this is one ESSENTIAL release that you need to have.



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Queen of the Game Muzik Video... In case you missed this or ... 

If you are NU to this page . . . Here is the Muzik Video that we worked ever so hard on to release for ours and your viewing enjoyment pleasure at the very beginning of this year... This is the 1st in the 8 Bit Balkan Muzik Video Trilogy. We Are almost ready to go into production on the second Muzik Video 津波神風ーTsunami Kamikaze。Peace , Respect, and Enjoy !▲♡▲! @@@ !▲♡▲!

津波神風-TSUNAMI KAMIKAZE Muzik Video in the works . . . 

This track off of 8 Bit Balkan is finally coming to life for yours and our viewing pleasure. Here is an old you tube transmission from last years happenings ... Look out for the NU- 津波神風ーTsunami Kamikaze Video (the 2nd in the 8 Bit Balkan Muzik Video Trilogy)  at the end of Spring ... be Curious ... be veeeeery Curioussssssss............................................△▲△。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。

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