Sound Tracks - 3rd track released

This third composition on Sound Tracks [Yokai: Spirits and Demons] 
was originally created in the gritty neighbourhood of Gomez Farias in 
Mexico City... and eventually completed after going through Playa del Carmen,
Brooklyn, NY, Beaverton, OR and finally Merida, MX… Read more

Sound Tracks - 2nd track released

This week we release the 2nd title in the Sound Tracks series ... "the Bad Man" 
The background sounds as well as the piano in this particular piece come from the city of Merida in Yucatan, Mexico
as it was…Read more

The Dolomites : Sound Tracks Volume I

Pleasant greetings... In honour of love, union, and death. The Dolomites are commencing their release of Sound Tracks Volume I. 
Free Downloads of Stevhen Koji Baianu's tv/film/game compositions will be available throughout 2016 through on our bandcamp site. 
A limited…

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