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Tsunami Kamikaze-8 Bit Balkan-Original

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人生の賛辞:人間vs.自然vs.技術 -
This track is a tribute to life and the victims of the Earthquake and Tsunami that hit the coast of Japan on 3/11/11. We extend our thoughts, prayers, chants and songs to you and those that were affected by the aftermath of this disaster.
Japan has always been a very special and dear place to us as we have family, band members and fans all over Japan including Sendai and the Fukushima area.
As the Dolomites have performed in many places in Japan, we have always been treated with utmost hospitality and warmth. We extend our gratitude and blessings to you. We wish you and your loved ones well with high hopes and spirits...

A Tribute to Life: Human vs. Nature vs. Technology-
The intense, morbid and euphoric concept of Tsunami Kamikaze went through my mind for several moments while mixing this track on a sleepless night and morning after the Earthquake and Tsunamis.