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    Tsunami Kamikaze-8 Bit Balkan-Original

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Japan Years Vol. One : Pre-Release...

Japan Years Volume I


Japan Years Vol. I is the first in a Three volume EP series of music made by the Dolomites in Japan with Japanese Members from 2006-2010. All tracks on the Japan Years Volumes have been re-mixed and mastered and have some re-recorded parts along with new additions not available on the OUT OF PRINT previous releases on MONSTER MUZIK. The Japan Years 3 volume set will be released in Spring of 2015...
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8 Bit Balkan Re-Released...

8 Bit Balkan


3 FREE Downloads of "Queen of the Game" Remixes with purchase of Full 8 Bit Balkan EP
8BB was originally released on IF THE KIDS Records in 2011, however since then the Dolomites have yet to receive any money from sales of 8 Bit Balkan nor have we received any sales data except for one time in 3 years. We have decided to take matters into our own hands and ask that if you purchase the Dolomites 8 Bit Balkan EP, that you purchase it directly from us on This Bandcamp page and NOT If the Kids Records ( Itunes , Beatport, etc) . We thank you for your direct support.
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