Japan Years II Pre-Release 酔どれ夢ーYoidore Yume [Drunken Dream] Edit 

This is the second instalment of the Japan Years Trilogy Pre-Releases 

This week we bring you Drunken Dream (酔どれ夢ーYoidore Yume).
酔どれ夢ーYoidore Yume was originally recorded in Tokyo, Japan in 2008 with Akiyasu Ono- Tuba, Quchyu Shinshi - Darabuka, and Tanaka Masayoshi - 和太鼓 - Japanese traditional drum. Accordion, vocals, and production, percussion by Stevhen Koji Baianu.

The song tells the story of a drunken Japanese salary man whose home becomes the drinking parlours and karaoke bars in old town Tokyo (Asakusa). The notorious charismatic drunkard manages to liven up the spirits in the Asakusa saloons despite the sleepless demands of the working class of Japanese society.

Lyrics written by Nawoko Yoshizaki and Stevhen Koji Baianu
Music by Stevhen Koji Baianu 

Re-edited, mixed and mastered in Portland Oregon in 2014.