Thank you Natsumi Suzuki ...

とても悲しい事なんですけど、これからナツミスズキさんがドロマイツのライブにも参加する事をしませんです。ナツミさんの素晴らしいダンスと出演に大感謝です。お疲れ様、本当にご苦労様でした!We Will Miss you. これから色々もっと良い事が有るように祈ってます。
The Dolomites are very sad to announce that Natsumi Suzuki had her last show with us in Oita and will no longer be performing with the Dolomites for the time being. Thank you Natsumi for all your great performances , hard work, and contribution with the Dolomites, we shall miss you very much. Love and Respect and Great Fortune to you from here on out!